Private Client Group

Our Approach

At Wheeler & Taylor, our approach to insurance is different. We take the time to understand you and your lifestyle to develop a customized risk management plan to protect your assets and way of life. Whether it’s a beach home, luxury automobiles, priceless jewelry, or fine art portfolios, our team of dedicated Private Client Group professionals will deploy decades of experience and sound risk management advice to work in tirelessly protecting what you have worked so hard to achieve.

Protecting What Matters Most

As a successful individual or family your unique exposures are what set you apart. Trusting a generalist agency to provide meaningful solutions can be unreliable and risky. With Wheeler & Taylor, you can be rest assured that you’re covered. We specialize in the following coverage fields:

  • Unique, Custom, and Historic Homes
  • Secondary, Vacation, and Investment Properties
  • Luxury & Classic Automobiles
  • Jewelry, Fine Art, and Collectibles
  • Complex Ownership Structures (LLCs, Trusts, etc.)
  • Yachts
  • Excess Liability
  • Flood (Primary and Excess)
  • Workers Compensation for Household Employees
  • International Exposures
  • Custom Designed and Sourced Unique Coverage for Specialized Risks
  • Unique and Specialized Life Insurance Programs
What to Expect

Before you are ever a client at Wheeler & Taylor, our Private Client Group team thoroughly analyzes your existing coverage while gathering additional information about your lifestyle to ensure there are no gaps in coverage. Our experience tells us that the vast majority of new clients have important, and in some cases extremely significant gaps in their coverage which are unknown and unexpected. Having such a surprise at the time of a claim is what Wheeler & Taylor’s service and expertise is designed to eliminate.


From there we craft an insurance portfolio that will meet your needs at the most advantageous pricing available in the marketplace. Our unmatched market access spans the entire universe of High-Net-Worth insurance companies and programs, as well as direct access to specialty markets and programs in the U.S. and London markets, ensuring a robust market for your risk transfer portfolio. Once policies are in place, we periodically check in to make sure your coverage is adequate and no additional exposures have arisen. As a Private Client Group member, Wheeler & Taylor’s pledge is to make you our firm’s top priority with regular reviews throughout the year and on an annual basis, checking your coverage for accuracy and cost efficiency.

Value Added Services

When you partner with Wheeler & Taylor’s Private Client Group, expertly crafted protection and risk management are just the beginning. As a client you will gain access to the following services through our affiliated companies:

  • Access to bespoke, financed life insurance and investment programs for clients with assets exceeding $10 million.
  • Access to the concierge HNW mortgage advisory and placement services offering the lowest mortgage rates available in the US (minimum $1 million financed).
  • Complimentary background checks for domestic staff.
  • Worldwide travel information and assistance.
  • Complimentary consultations with industry experts in the fields of jewelry, fine arts, private employment, home construction, etc.
  • Access to on-site risk management, security and loss prevention consultations.


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